Territorial Expansion:

Even when it comes to making claims we’re different from other nations around us. Our way of territorial expansion is very unique and specific. In this endeavor we’ve checked out several areas all over the world to make our claims on as well as conquering cool places along the way. The Hanian Empire is likely the only nation that still has active scouts and various planned expeditions for the purpose of expanding our territorial holds. Of course we’ll only make those public once we do work with them and scout them properly.


Aerial view of a part of ra ; chorm

  • scout out and explore unique claims
  • make them official
  • set up and participate in events
  • local and global territories
  • diverse type of territories
    • public, wilderness, sovereign, auxiliary, ocean
  • plan and conduct expeditions
  • plan and set up infrastructure
  • serve the populations that live there
  • interact with neighbors
  • diplomatic activities
  • create embassies in major cities
  • govern over a town, city or region
  • plan and set up communities, towns

Claiming an area doesn’t just consist of marking it all pretty on a map, there is a lot more involved in it than that. To make a claim official we’re going to try to do everything from administrative stuff to in depth planning. Some may go on an expedition to scout, explore and then properly mark the claim. Then there is planning as well as following through on settlement and colonization; this can range from activities in the area all the way to actually living and setting infrastructure there. It’s actually pretty involved and while we may start locally, some areas are anything but local. We have specific methods for legitimizing our activities and they are considered quite in line to doing more than most other Micronations will do in regards to claiming and solidifying the hold over their territories.

Our Scouts:

While many people may make a simple small claim for the Empire; the honor of actually making it official and covering large areas is reserved for those qualified to do so. Most of the time we’ll do this through individuals placed as actual scouts as well as leaders active in territorial expansion. Scouting is an honored position that requires being in the nezra core and it’s by appointment only at the moment.

Active Scouts:

daHavor [nezra scout] : territorial expansion

Ascending King General daHavor has done plenty of scouting in his time in the Empire, thoroughly working with the local area in and around ra ; chorm. He was appointed as an official scout on Feb. 24th, 2017 and left on his first term early the next morning. Since then he’s been over about a third of our newest territorial acquisition going out for weeks at a time!

* Served on several terms since 25 Feb, 2016.

Authorized to claim and Legitimize:

Empress HayaH

Did some scouting of ra ; chorm and recently did a 10 week term to solidify our hold over various towns and cities in our newest holding: bli ; a ; te ; ra.

*Served a 10 week term in Jul 4 – Sep 10, 2017.

ra ; chorm – 2016

Location: East-side of on ; tj ; ra (Atlanta, Ga)
Type: Public (Wooded)

  • Approximately 1000 Acres Public (Wooded)
  • Approximately 500 Acres Auxiliary (Commercial + Residential)

Uses: Wilderness, Public, Hiking, Outdoor Activities, Spiritual
Scouted by: daHavor & HayaH
Claimed by: HayaH
Made official by: daHavor

ra ; chorm:

Open Spaces at ra ; chorm

A much better page is up for ra ; chorm now, check it out here: ra ; chorm However for now like more information than can be found here on the public page or to get more information about our activities around the local area there as well as in other locations you must be a citizen and request said information. Scouting reports are not made public, but we have significant information about the area.

Keep in mind:

Most of ra ; chorm is set as a wooded public area. Several areas around it are owned privately and some are restricted, citizens wishing to be involved locally must coordinate with locals.  Visitation is possible as are various outdoor activities but there is no placing of permanent structures there unless we purchase land there in a residential or commercial area within it.

Working with Territorial Claims:

To participate in claiming and working with territorial claims you must be the relevant fields (such as scouting, nezra or transition) to do it. Inquire upon citizenship; but be aware some of them are highly specialized fields with very strict requirements.

More Territorial Expansion Hanian Style:

Active : ra ; chorm || bli ; a ; te ; ra| kul ; lu ; al

Types: Public || Wilderness || Sovereign || Auxiliary || Ocean

Paths: || kard || serve || cover ||  tu ; kal || buy || sway

Procedure : || Scouting || Occupy || Claim Tokens || Ceremonies ||

Fields: Scout || Nez ; ra || Transition || Territorial Expansion

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