Future Home of the “Cloverleaf Resistance” (Coming Soon)

What it is:

Our world is filled with injustice and corruption. From presidential elections which manage to get hateful people inaugurated to the highest office all the way to disgruntled citizens who feel like their rights are being trampled into the ground by those who run our society.

We know we need a change but we don’t know how to make it happen. So in order to give movements a chance to coordinate efforts and to unite I have formed this section on the Empire site.  For us to speak openly with one another, to coordinate, to refine our ways of protesting and unifying and much more.

We focus on the following movement:

Trump Resistance: #notmypresident   #theresistance

This is just an initial listing of who I’m hoping to find here in the future getting together and uniting. So please if you are involved in any of these movements or know additional hashtags that we need to put here, let me know. If you are a leader of any movement listed here or a subgroup thereof, let me know and I’ll put you on the leaders and coordinators list. Got a cool graphic to symbolize your group, then let me see it and I’ll find a way to add it here. We’ll do a lot of things online via Twitter, but in order to be part of the official Cloverleaf you’ll have to be a member.

Cloverleaf as featured here is the contemporary version of a movement in my Dystopian Novel Chaha that has been merged with Empire structure and methods to grow better and be more effective. It’s meant to bring change on a society level by speaking out about injustice, protesting the same and overall making change. Much of the initial focus will likely be on the #notmypresident and #theresistance movement as that’s where I’ve seen the most interest so far.


& most things are done via Twitter!!!

You must be:

  • a citizen or resident of the Empire
  • invited by someone in the movement
  • or do things on your own as a Loyal.

See who is welcome for more information.


We have four goals as a resistance, they are as follows:

  1. Impeach Trump
  2. Unify the resistance globally & locally
  3. Vigilance towards policies & The Trump Administration
  4. Peace & long lasting change

Everyone will coordinate on these goals. However individuals and small groups can set their own projects and endeavors to make them a reality. Local groups also keep an eye on local leadership as well as laws and other things impacting their areas.

Methods & Techniques:

Crowd-Sourcing * Compounding (2by2) * Swarm Projects * City Leadership * Local Networks * Global Unity * Leverage * Social Media * Much More.

See Techniques for more information….


Future uses of this section:

  • Listing coordinators and places to get info / news
  • Notable projects and ideas
  • #hashtags to use on twitter
  • How various Empire projects can help fight injustice
  • How to invite easily to grow us via HanianEmpire (Twitter)

Everything else except a few additional things will be on the Cloverleaf subdomain. It’s still being built but you can get a sneak peak at:

Our Minister of Activism Affairs:

Someone very dedicated in the resistance has accepted our offer for this position. Once we open, all will be finalized and she will assume the position.

Our Fires are:

Coming Soon!
If you’d like to be a fire to fire up the resistance via twitter and in real life, please let us know….

More Coming Soon, we’re still setting up!

Short Positional:

  1. Loyal: Do things on your own
  2. Esteemed: have a small network
  3. Fire: Motivate others
  4. Underlord: City Leadership
  5. Noble: State Leadership
  6. Royal: Country Leadership

This has a regal + sci fi feel to it since it’s our structure and how we do things. At the beginning we will only have a few of these for sake of simplicity.

A few past tweets you can use:

(move on own page later on, or put on forum)

Lets turn these three into thousands all going in one direction by hundreds of different ways!!! RT & FB


Want 2 fight & be part of ? Unite with others,share information, spread all over!


Speak out 4 whenever U can! Humanity. evil leaders. Stand w each other. That’s ! crowd source as 1 ppl.


No ! No being stomped. No & 4 all! That’s !


as U are where I’m not. We are 1 ppl, fight 4 all of us against . — Speak Truth always!

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HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.