Unfollow Trump:

Unfollow Trump and resist!

A simple action multiplied by many of us through crowd sourcing can make a big difference. Unfollow Trump today!

  1. Unfollow @RealDonaldTrump (You can keep following @Potus)
  2. Get three others to do the same.
  3. Have them do the same, etc.
  4. Tweet about it :).
  5. Want to sting, do it once a week!

This is a small swarm project which is a part of the wider resistance. We just put our own twist on it by having people tell three others to do it too and so forth. While we used to ban him too and this is still optional, but for this one all you do is as follows. You unfollow Trump at his realdonaldtrump twitter account. You can still keep following potus if you want to keep up with news, but anything trump tweets you’ll get anyway through the media and other activists.

each little bit helps, together we can make a difference.

Get just three to do the same and have then repeat the action.

Here is where we go all cloverleaf on it though. After you unfollow him you get three others at least to do the same. It’s easy, especially if you assure they also know to keep the chain going until we’ve made a point. If you want to really put a hurt on some ego’s get more than three people or keep it up on a regular basis.

How to do this:

Go to realdonaldtrump. You’ll see followers you know on the side panel. Find the ones that are in the resistance + tweet at them to UNFOLLOW TRUMP. Especially if you know them. Alternatively you can ask random members in the resistance you talk to if they’re still following him. If they say yes, then ask them to take action and then get three others to do the same and so forth to pass on the chain of making him loose his followers. He’s got 6 million bots, so if we all unfollow him he’ll notice it. Like a bunch of ants if we each take away a few crumbs we can get this done in a few months with ease. So cloverleaf it and get it done.  If you want to be a power mover for this project then do three each week. He craves fame and if he doesn’t get it then he may pay attention to his country and his actions.

If you ban:

Be aware that if you ban it might be better to always remove him from any tagged tweets if you reply to someone and not tag him. There have been reports of resistance members being put in twitter jail in regards to that, but I think it’s still rare. We’ll put easy to understand directions on how to do this here later on.

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