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This is a quick page to show why we use cloverleaf as our name and symbol, who is welcome to join, what our policies and main belief is and so forth.

Who is welcome to join: ☮️

Anyone who wants a more peaceful world and who is fed up with the way things are right now. So if you’re willing to achieve your goals by peaceful means, you’re welcome here.This means if you normally would not speak out against Trump but you are upset at the wealth disparity, police brutality or other injustices by the system you’re welcome to join us in creating a better world.

Many will likely loose access to services, suffer economic hardship or even face violence due to systematic policies which are being passed right now by our government. In some regions overseas there are other leaders who are being bad and causing issues. In a few foreign cities there are open calls for revolution. While in other regions there is war or the effects of war. Some of you may eventually find yourselves in Cloverleaf with the rest of us.

All of you are welcome in cloverleaf, as we don’t just speak out against 45 but are working to create an awareness about various issues that threaten peace and stability.

We’re global: 🌍

We’re a global resistance and activism group. This means we don’t just accept members here in the USA. The problems we’re facing are beyond just things that can be voted away, there are underlying trends which can threaten all of us. A rise of right wing activity in Germany as an example. In addition, many of Trumps’ policies have a potential of really causing damage in some unexpected and far reaching places. Due to this we allow activists and peace makers from across the world to join us in our endeavors. So if you’ve been deported or you’re not able to travel safely to a country abroad because America is viewed badly due to our unauthorized POTUS you’re welcome here as our brother and sister. Since we’re not just about voting you’ll find plenty of things you can do to help out.

The only rule: 🕊

Absolutely no violence. Live and Let Live, remember? We don’t stand for violence or anyone who incites it as we’re a group for peace. As such we will neither encourage nor allow people to fall for the whole war drum line. We don’t need another region destabilizing, enough of that going on overseas. This isn’t a revolution, this is a group for peaceful and creative change. So no flag burning. No causing of disturbances. No incitement of chaos or anarchy in civilized nations. We’re not Anti America we’re anti bad – horrible leadership. It’s called protesting the illegitimate resident of the White House, not trying to tear our country apart or make things worse. We will allow those who are remorseful about their vote for Trump to join. However, if you’re so pro – trump that you’re blinded, then obviously this isn’t the place for you. Not that anyone like that would want to be here anyway.

How to get in: 🖇

We have an invite only policy at this time for anyone that’s not a “Loyal” doing things on their own in conjunction with our goals. So unless you do things informally on Twitter you’ll have to be invited. This inviting is completely done by our methods. So while you can’t just “sign up” somewhere you shouldn’t worry we’ll come around your corner sooner or later.

To be Loyal: 💠

Someone who is Loyal is a lot of times someone who is of our movement. But they’re primarily doing things on their own. Simply put the cloverleaf symbol by your twitter or face book profile or do things towards our goals on your own without even a need to put anything anywhere. You can still come here or get news via Tweets by others in Cloverleaf to get more ideas of how to be active for our cause. We’ll also do a lot of things via the Empire Twitter, a lot of things are tweeted from there.

Why CloverLeaf? 🍀

Clover is unbelievably resilient and it’s found across the globe in many diverse places. It springs up everywhere in clusters and bunches together; just like a good resistance should. Each clover is made up of only three (or at the most four leaves), this symbolizes our small group approach. Unless you’re attached to someone in the movement you won’t likely be invited. As such, we’re using cloverleaf as our name and the four leaf clover as our symbol.

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HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.