Crime Justice

Hanian Earth Empire

Crime and Justice 


With Freedom and Opportunity comes responsibility. As part of this the state should never enforce specifics of individual morality past where it affects the freedom of others. With this in mind, the main law in the Empire is always going to be the one guiding principle:  Live and Let Live. It’s all based on fairness.  Right now a major problem is that in most regions across the world there are many crimes on the books that really shouldn’t be crimes in a criminal sense. They should be personal morality and are based on religious beliefs which crept their way into the law books. So yes, the first change will be that most crimes won’t be crimes anymore. We’re not here to patrol your adherence to your own religion. That’s the responsibility of your preachers and religious authorities. Among Hanian Authorities this is enforced equally, across the board. If you want religious laws in the new world you must make them locally and enforce them locally on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis. In addition you can’t force people NOT to leave your community.  Of those few crimes which remain, rehabilitation and repercussions should be used rather than plain punishment. However, on the flip end real crimes should be punished harshly. That means no more cushy stays in comfortable jails just because you got oodles of money. Nor the ability to intimidate the others in jail with you just because you assume power.

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