Welcome to the Earth Empire, the Hanian Earth Empire that is.

If this is your first visit, feel free to read this introduction.

Part design and part new nation project, the Earth Empire isn’t meant to bean actual new nation but rather a cool what if of starting an empire from scratch. An empire that seeks to expand into areas all around us. See, it is a movement that’s progressing for global unity and transitioning in a fun and creative manner. We’re going to conquer the world but don’t worry. For us that simply means to change things in a positive manner and to unite with others. Oh yeah and to protest and resist against Trump at every turn we can!

Global Unity; things are administered creatively for change.

Even so we’re planning on having everything that a traditional country has as well as some things they may not have. So don’t let the fun aspect of it fool you for a minute, Hanian (that’s what we’re called, by the way) are very serious about their loyalties and activities even if we’re only running a movement for social change.

kul ; lu ; al Territory, can we colonize it?

In pursuing of these goals a number of territories have been put on our claim list which we will seek to scout out, officially claim, conquer and colonize effectively. Locally and internationally we will administer over various areas and cities, along side the traditional administration. There we will be doing various activities meant to increase our influence and to improve things in those areas. Most of it will be done through projects with everyone doing small things and us compounding our efforts. We’re not actually secessionist, so don’t worry about that – it’s about uniting as one planet not separating further.

To aid in this an alien styled culture has been established with it’s own language. Our culture is expressed from food to fashion, games to arts and entertainment. There is a flavor to all things Hanian and being Hanian is distinct from being anything else. Some basics are set, however plenty of things can still be created and modified if needed since it’s still pretty early in the grand scheme of things. Crowd sourcing is the name of the game here. Various groups of citizens of the Earth Empire can use this in attempt to gain a solid footing as a distinct cultural group on Earth. Once we’re done protesting of course, which is what most of us are doing these days. Believe it or not 100% of all Hanian are part of the Anti-Trump Resistance and we’re a pretty noisy bunch for our low numbers.

Running a real city – it’s within your grasp…

Help plan where to plant next flag…

The method of Hanian administration is unique as well; designed to be effective in managing both small and large groups, locally and globally. Though there is a social hierarchy it’s fair to all; regardless of external situation. To do things and to learn and adapt means to get rewarded with prestige and a higher ranking. These will allow you to gain various positions, titles and rise up in our society.

As other nations and empires we will have our own national things as we choose to have them and participants will do a lot of other neat things that only those in real countries normally get to do anything from diplomacy to wearing crowns. So while we will have plenty of official country – like stuff to get the micro national world covered there is a little more to it. We will have flags and passports, things you can eventually get or buy as souvenirs. But we will also try our hand at inventing things, starting local industry, setting up games as well as opening businesses.

Hanian Earth Empire Flag

So that’s the Hanian empire, it’s official but it’s fun. It’s neat and cool but it’s also functional. So, why not become a citizen by following our HanianNet Twitter and register for our site. It’s the first step to getting involved. We’re mostly active online right now in small clusters and in Georgia, but that is due to change in the future. If you’re not ready to be a citizen yet, you can always follow our public Twitter at @HanianEmpire.

Residency is automatic, that is if you live in any of the areas we’re planning to be active in the future. Which is well, almost everyone. You won’t have to do anything, because we’re going to end up coming to where you are. Eventually.  If you seek to be involved you will need to do as described above as Citizenship is not automatic.

We’re just getting established, so things are still being set up, but there is already a lot of cool stuff going on. I mean, what else do you expect when Aliens accidentally make First Contact with a Micronation. Or was it perhaps intentional? See our Reality Based What if Scenario at: Interactive Experience.

Want to get started and catch our eye?

  • Follow Here (@HanianEmpire on Twitter) to interact with us. Here (@HanianNet) to be a citizen.
  • Register for this website here.
  • Sign the Unity Pledge @ Change.org

Or else you can also:

* Wait until we invite you.

Original written by HayaH; edited, sections moved & pictures added.