With our goals and our specific strategies we will be very active in transitioning various places to the Empire. This is done via research, planning, local activities, projects and furthering our presence. As such, citizens can choose to attach themselves to one of our countries. We have several to choose from and in any of them you can do a little or a lot of your best to help us transition these places towards the Empire.

All of the places are very beautiful and exotic, the people warm, friendly and full of culture. Do not worry about language difficulties or other issues, through proper planning and Hanian methods we will counter most of these issues long before we ever set foot there.
In many of these regions we are planning to have either a local staff member or a few volunteers who will help coordinate activity.

You can help research the area, participate in a project to help in transition or otherwise get involved.  Like many things in the Empire, there is a bit of friendly competition going on here.

We will see which area will have the most activity and awards as well as bragging rights will be able to be had. If we do it right we won’t stay a mini kingdom forever.

Central African Republic
Egypt and Sudan
Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands
Pitcairn Islands
Sierra Leone and Liberia

A few other places may be taken on as well in the future. We’re not too sure yet about them since we already have a few good places and plenty of things to do with them.  So if you have a specific place in mind and you would be dedicated to seeing it transition, please let us know why and how. It may be in our “maybe soon” list or you may be aware of something we haven’t thought of yet. We may enter it into transition earlier with your help.

So if you’ve been invited, get involved and choose a country. Choosing a country does not mean you have to visit or live in any of these places; just that you care about seeing people there have access to necessities and that you believe they should be valued as part of a global earth. If you want to visit or move later on in many cases there will be options to do so. For now it just means you are willing to help them transition to the Empire and are willing to help plan, discuss and further local activity within them.

We’ll ask you about this once you get involved or you can get back to me about it. Still need some good dedicated leaders to help out in this area as there are several very innovative projects that can really change things for the better waiting for the right people to get involved!

What is transition?

Transition is meant to provide basic infrastructure, a better system of governance and more opportunity to various places around the world. This is done to eliminate global issues so we can advance as a society and species. It also serves to spread us and our way of doing things to far off reaches of the world.

Usually those in advanced countries help coordinate and plan activities to serve and bring equality to those places that aren’t as advanced. We’ll use all of our techniques to help with this and may in the future even hire help in various areas to help us make it happen.