First Contact A Name

First Contact / Finding a Name

Finding a Name…..

We had to find something to call them. Something which seems easy actually isn’t. Gods doesn’t fit as it’s too loaded a word, as is Angels. Alien doesn’t really fit as to them we’re the aliens like described above. Due to the ambiguity of their existence we had a hard time. Imagine a crossover between two very different things. In a way they were kinda like those described in religion; like total burning bush old testament kind of thing celestial to the core. However, they were also kind of like traditional aliens flying around in craft, shape shifting aliens. So we really needed something rather neutral. Something that could apply to all types of beings. Settling on Immortals we were stoked. Neither the scientific community, nor the religious population would rip us a new one with it. We patted ourselves on the back on a job well done and thought that was that. Well, eh, not so fast.

  • Whatever you call them MUST under no circumstance BE INSULTING in their language.

Yeah. You got it.

First faux pass before we even hit the gate crawling.

We’re a Micronation for crying out loud; the UN doesn’t even deal with this sorta thing.

We were getting a crash course in Exo-relations, a field of study that didn’t even exist here yet.

Good thing they’re actually a pretty patient bunch.

Even waited for us to catch it and fix it….

First of all, at first the natural inclination of most people would be to indeed call them Immortals. You likely looked at that at top at our title and thought we didn’t have our spell checker on. No it’s fully intentional because it’s actually rude to call them Immortals as we have it. Or to write it in that manner. Turns out the im – base in their language stands for suffering and pain. So we managed to insult them in their language by basically calling them torturers of little puppies. We did it for a while too. Ugh. How embarrassing is that?

A horrid thought entered my head here, if Trump was in charge of this first contact we’d be so screwed. Like seriously intergalactic war everyone’s getting enslaved and sent to the salt mines kinda pooch screwing. Maybe it was a good thing they chose us, rather then the official United States Government.

Quickly we found a solution, change the spelling and pronunciation slightly. This allows both us to grog it fully and no one is insulted.

Written as: Iimortals or iimortals

Pronounced as: ee – more – tals

Meaning in our language: Eternally living beings, not being mortal

Meaning in theirs: sure of existing, manipulate with humility, things from beginning, emphasized

You can clearly see why this wouldn’t be good with a pain / suffering base, right?  Would our government have caught on to it at all? Would they have evaluated things from every angle to assure we’re not being neither overly chummy nor rude to our neighbors? Probably not. It’s not something we commonly have to do as a species. As can be seen above communication would be challenging, at best.

Well there was a reason for all of this mess in the first place. We would have used their name to call them in our own communications. However there was a strange occurrence. They didn’t tell us what they called themselves, they didn’t give a name. They were the no-names. We could barely understand what they were, nor how they fit into our own beliefs and world understanding. Religiously as Gods or Angels? Messengers? Energy Beings? Aliens? Ghosts? Strange natural phenomenon? Plasma balls? Technology?

We didn’t grog them, due to their unique way of existing. I mean what would you consider something which appears to you once as a being of water as if personified, a set of ghosts another time and light a third time? Literally, read that.. one of them appeared as a full sized sun! The last time, equally incomprehensible quite terrifying but on a ship of some sort. Four meetings and not a single clue of WHAT they were. Certainly couldn’t grog any of it, because all four meetings looked to be with different beings. One God. The next ghosts. The other a nature being. The last one an actual alien in a ship.

Reading the Bible became more interesting after initial contact. As smoke, cloud, fire, strange vehicles. Yeah it was certainly the same beings but even the ancients could only call them God. We’re no wiser than they were, even with all of our technological advancement. So they became the incomprehensible shape shifting no-names. Yeah, say that ten times fast. We never actually said it,  but that’s what we thought. That’s how we relegated it in our minds.