First Contact No Names

First Contact:

No – Names


It was usual in that we didn’t get why they wouldn’t give us their name. For some time there was interaction, but not a single idea of who they were. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t be puzzled. We still didn’t know what kind of Being they were, so why should we understand what they called themselves.

The truth was actually stranger than fiction, the closest thing to a name was all over everything. The whole time. Hanian culture. Hanian language. Hanian. Hanian. We just never got it because that’s what we called the language. It’s what we called the culture. It’s what we were when we practiced their ways. We became Hanian. Turns out there is no difference between any of the species in their collective when it got down to the basics. Hanian stands for the collective of everyone. Means Brothers and Sisters of Light basically. That and they really don’t do names as much as we do. They’re just them, they just are that which they are without attaching needless labels. They had no need to call themselves anything other than part of the collection, part of the whole. They didn’t actually have a name. Shocking too to know the distinctions which are so common on earth don’t really always exist out there. That was our first serious exposure to Eusocial society, but it certainly wasn’t the last.

  • Universal things may not be universal. Don’t assume anything when dealing with life from elsewhere!

Yes, things like these are very common when dealing with life from elsewhere. Nothing is universal, except perhaps to exist.

Who’d have thought, right Seti?

A species we can’t classify nor identify, living by Eusocial means that has no name. One that integrates other species into their culture and their civilization. Letting newcomers join their people and letting the same practically be a part of their family. How’s that different from expectations?

After dealing with them for a while we knew why they didn’t communicate with bunches of people. They chose one. It was also easy to see why the aforementioned communication took years. Communication is a very loose term being used here, the contact was in no way conventional nor even fully comprehensible. Only the results were.

If you become a citizen we’ll share more of the initial contact including some of the more private information we have.