First Contact

First Contact

Those who are part of first contact division and those who will work with the gaming will see this. They’ll help get this off the ground properly; which will then see the activities and projects published. Those in the game may run an activity or help with setting up the game.

This is a major focus in the Empire as we’re researching First Contact and are planning on running a simulation to show what it would be like and how it would have an effect on individuals and our society as a whole.  It will be done in a game / simulated sort of manner with plenty of discussions, polls and activities on all sides of the spectrum. Be sure to realize it will be quite an eye opener for many people who have never even given a second thought to the subject, that is until they run into it head first.

First Contact, only a matter of time!

First Contact, only a matter of time!

Even those who believe there is life elsewhere in the universe often go about their lives in a manner always embedded in their social media feeds. They simply do not want to even think about it falsely believing that contact with aliens is either a long way off or that the whole thing has absolutely no relevance to them at all. How many people think they’ll deal with it when they see ships in orbit and something with big black eyes saying hello over the airwaves? Well that might be a little too late to deal with it.

Unlike the first group which would deal with a fleet in orbit relatively well there is a second group that’s quite numerous on this planet. There are many people doubt the existence of life from elsewhere, so having to confront themselves with the what if’s of an active first contact would be harder than anything they have ever done. Even if they know it’s just being simulated and they are 100% certain that there is such a thing as aliens. Any good simulation will be realistic and we have a few tricks and creative ideas up our collective sleeves that might even give this second group a pause causing them to re-evaluate themselves and their assumptions. Even if they completely ignore all discussions or are vehemently against it in all forms they are not irrelevant. They will still count as a large chunk of human society which would inevitably impact all of us upon any first contact actually occurring.

This simulation will not only prove all of this clearly but get us active talking and understanding the consequences of first contact before it happens! Many activities are planned among them….

Preparing for Arrival:

Contact has occurred and you are tasked to help with preparing the planet for Arrival. These beings, called the iimortals are anything but what we’re expecting out of an alien species. Culturally and socially they are vastly different, highly advanced with several quirks which are sure to complicate matters quite a bit. As a dry run scenario it’s a cunning and thought provoking what if scenario. One that will have you evaluate our world and take action on various projects to assure everything goes smooth.

Integration or Independence :

In this particular scenario each state has the right to choose it’s own fate post contact, to integrate with the aliens and their society or to remain independent. The vote? It’s fair as no other vote ever had been before done by the people in that area. The kicker? It must be completed before first contact and changing your mind after arrival isn’t possible due to some set of unknown yet often cited logistical reasons. (There will be discussions and activities for both types of individuals, as part of the simulation beyond the initial votes and discussions that are held for this.)

Integration or Independence a global choice!

Integration or Independence a global choice!

Hunt 4 Truth:

A major activity to either prove or disprove the existence of ET life elsewhere given supposedly to humanity by the iimortal’s themselves and administered by their liaisons. The beginning is set up partially as a series of puzzles and partially as an elaborate treasure hunt where you are tasked to set out to prove that life doesn’t exist in the universe. However, as the simulation commences and we prepare for first contact more and more things will be added to this. Each of these serves to obscure the ease of this activity if not threaten to shatter preconceived notions completely. Do not enter the hunt 4 truth lightly; it’s not Pokémon Go that’s for sure. Catching Aliens in the act is a lot harder than that!  Aliens might be all around us and if you’re not ready to meet them hand to tentacle you might want to just stay on the sidelines where it is familiar, safe, cozy and comfortable! For to enter may rattle your world view, if not obliterate it completely as you are exposed to things that make you question your reality and your assumptions. (Most of this is set up through a series of puzzles and a huge picture hunt as you try to disprove that aliens had anything to do with it, however, it will be taken much further than that down the road. Over time you will find yourself exposed to videos and even live events that may make you question things even more when you can’t figure out how it was done or if the individuals involved weren’t something a little other than human! In each case you will be tasked with either proving it was aliens or it was an “act” while you hunt for additional clues in contemporary society and in the past.)

Curious Place ; picture by agathe. C.C by - sa License.

Earth or Not? This is one of the more simpler ones; thanks agathe for providing the original under a CC by – sa license that we could crop to present here as an example.

Earth or Not? Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell if something is here on earth or from a bit further than that. Inside the things presented are much harder to judge! To prove it is indeed on earth you’ll have to go through a bit of trouble to appease the skeptics that cry alien at the first blurry shot of a tentacle. People will likely divide over these, some saying the location or thing depicted is from Earth, the others saying it’s not. In order to solve a picture puzzle for good and shut up the pro alien faction long enough you will have to either find the original picture or tell us what’s being depicted on it well enough that our resident alien freaks will be convinced it’s not something on another planet or some slime creature from outer space! Don’t worry, as most Hanian things, it’s a group puzzle so you can ask for help along the way. Be aware though, some people will easily be convinced all kinds of things are the real deal making your job all the harder! The more convincing the picture, the more opposition you will likely have. Even more nerve wrecking will be when you come across something where you are sure it’s real.

Cultural Immersion:

Granted by the iimortals was a cultural and administration system that is vibrant but quite socially different from humanity in many ways. People can use this to immerse themselves with it and see how they’d react to various parts of expression as is found there. From learning a foreign language, to trying new things, to seeing how individuals would rise in an alien styled culture and society. (Most of this is set up through the base Empire Hanian culture, but a few individual activities may go beyond that. They may showcase more foreign concepts and initiate discussions which will be sure to make people think harder about what is universal and what isn’t! Trust me, Hanian culture is full of unique quirks but this goes way beyond swarm projects, navigating through strange caste systems, attempting to make the technology activation sound, trying a few exotic meats and new sports!)

These activities are planned, there is no guarantee that we can pull all of them off before we have a good base support and some very dedicated people involved. Why don’t you join and start with a little participation so we can get active on this; even a little involvement can get the ball rolling!

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