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      Public forum for Hanian Earth Empire. Ask questions, get answers. Get news and updates of expansions and opportunities. Projects, campaigns, events and cool stuff. Anything that you, might want to know including of how to get involved! Only place where non-citizens may create topics is here....
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    • 10 months, 2 weeks ago

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    • Empire
      Empire forum, all discussions of organizing and administrating the Hanian Earth Empire.
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    • First Contact
      First Contact - All discussions about First Contact, not only those as part of the simulation dealing with the Immortals but also for hypothetical scenarios and just plain discussions. Come here and talk about anything you're curious about in regards to First Contact.
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    • 7 months ago

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    • Hanian
      All aspects of Hanian culture, from cuisine to language, conquest to funnies, music to stories and games. Everything that's Hanian can get discussed here.
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    • Group Forums
      Forums for Member Groups. Groups of citizens may wish to form their own forums, these will fall into this category. In case you don't have enough to discuss, simply create a topic in this forum with your group name on it. Simple :). *Keep in mind in order to form a group not in English, you must ask first. We've been getting a lot of people signing up to create spam groups. In polish no less. So, not cool! If you do this you will get it deleted. Furthermore I will toss spam hammer on your profile and kick you out. It's either that or we'll need to set more konra as a requirement to create group.
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