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      Request your Citizenship here! Seeking independence from the corrupt systems of the world you strive to build a better global nation for all of humanity. Understanding the basic concepts of our Kingdom you seek to adapt to our culture and ways as well as to abide by the universal law of Live and Let Live. As a dual citizen, you loose nothing but gain everything merely for agreeing to be loyal first to the Empire and Humanity / Earth in all matters from this day forward.  ------ By Posting here you agree to the above statement and wish to be a Citizen of the Hanian Empire. Include a little about yourself, your city and country, who referred you, what made you interested in the Empire, that you agree to the above and wish to be known as a citizen of the Empire and / or anything else you wish. ------- * Please note: You must make a post here before you can read or comment on anything in the Citizen's Only Forum! *
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    • The Game
      The Game is called trogla and it's an open world simulation played via social media, collaboration and in the real world. It's done by a series of modular activities set in a rich story world narrative; where fantasy meets reality and gets fused into a great adventure.
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    • HanianEmpire
      A General Public Empire forum. We'll talk first contact and aliens here but we'll also will do so much more. That means we'll ask thought provoking questions here, post information about the Empire here, have things to vote on here, game and simulation stuff, give introductions, talk about the culture and language, hash out our constitution, let people sign stuff to ratify it and anything else cool we can think about.  Asking that only citizens create threads here but everyone can participate as long as there is no spamming.  
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    • Group Forums
      Forums for Member Groups. Groups of citizens may wish to form their own forums, these will fall into this category. In case you don't have enough to discuss, simply create a topic in this forum with your group name on it. Simple :). * We've been getting a lot of people signing up to create spam groups and trying to spam our site in general. So, not cool! Now you need to ask us to set you up a group, just because of the spammers. If you're found spamming another's group you'll get the ban hammer. 
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