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    Integration or Independence Campaign:

    If aliens come to Earth should our city remain independent or should they vote to integrate?

    A simple question but with long reaching implications. To be free means you are relying only on yourself. However, to merge with the Aliens means to gain their technology but also their ruler ship. Both must remain segregated from each other and travel permission from one into the other isn’t granted.

    You as an individual get the same choice, but if you choose different from your city, you must leave it at once!

    Feel free to take this on Twitter or other Message boards too…. even
    Twitter hash tags #Haz #Game – Use this campaign to get more people on your side in the game.


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    First and most importantly, when coming in contact for the first time with ET’s it is most important to realize that having the honor of a very advanced species to even take the time to travel many light years to grace themselves on your world and obviously having the upper hand in Advanced Technology. I strongly believe we dont truly have a choice or sayso (Depending on how open minded and Respectful the ET’s are) if our Freedom or Integrating would be up to us.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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