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    Spent the last 7 weeks on the road traveling over a good chunk of the United States doing things for the Empire. Even though it was an initial run and thus mostly served to get us used to being on the road we still got a lot accomplished for the Empire.

    The flag went on a massive flag crawl, we claimed a few spots informally and we were literally all over the central USA and most of the east coast. Spending the nights each in a different state was crazy but it’s paying off as it makes us more mobile than any other Micronation out there. In addition we’ve been serving the people living in the various territories and cities we passed through. I’ve got tons of great pictures which will grace our site and community in the future and perhaps even a few select videos. Of course citizens will get access to more stuff.

    Currently I’m spending a few days in Marion, Illinois. Had been here for the Great American Eclipse, which deserves several posts for itself. Totality was awesome, being on the road is awesome and exiting but there are many things which are much harder to do from a truck than they are at home. For one, keeping websites running smoothly.

    Saying this I’m saying that it’s been a while since I had logged on here. However with getting better wifi I’m hoping it will work well. I’ll do a major overhaul once I return home in a few weeks and then continuously try to figure out how to keep things updated and maintained from the road once I go out again. Preparation is key for this endeavor and when I came out the first time at the beginning of July I wasn’t prepared. Wifi from the phone is horrible, but now we managed to get a better service which hopefully will pan out regardless of what state and city we’re in. Even so, updates may continue to be sporadic but it should suffice well enough to open the Empire formally to citizens. I hope.

    So that’s my update as I’m attempting to post it a second time. This time from a laptop after my Ipad update stalled out.

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