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    Blue Wave Consolidated Resources:

    The Blue Wave:

    #TheResistance fights back; we #VoteBlue!

    #TheResistance fights back; we #VoteBlue!
    Graphics by: @AmyOddo

    The Blue wave is important as by electing various Democratic Candidates for office in 2018 we can help bring our country back from trump’s destructive interference which is harming people everywhere. It may even help in getting him impeached; something a republican held government won’t do. In the least it will stall GOP policies in Congress and the House bringing some valuable Checks and Balances back to Washington DC. It’s the best we got right now, so please everyone participate – even if you only vote yourself and inform those around you of the importance to do so themselves.

    Real Patriots vote for Democracy and stay loyal to Country over Party!

    Real Patriots vote for Democracy and stay loyal to Country over Party!

    Candidates on Message Board:

    Was thinking that we’d place the candidates for Democratic office on the message boards one by one and let people fill in various cool things about their campaigns and who they are as people so others can find them easily as well as get compelling reasons for endorsing these cool new faces to lead us out of the trump induced darkness.

    These individual threads can list things such as websites, donation links and a bit about their platform. of course we’ll need the locations such as their districts and dates of voting for them. Election dates are at varying times of the year and some of them are running in special elections or are candidates which must run in primaries first. Then it would be great to have any slogans they use, various hashtags to hype them on twitter and if if they’re found on other Social Media. For instance another boost is various cool graphics of support to help tweet them helps boost the blue wave. Lastly we can include anything else cool about them such as notable tweets or posts from them perhaps. The more creative we get the more we can show how truly exceptional these leaders really are as individual people who are more than able to represent us the people much better in DC.

    Getting the USA back to Democracy will help the world!

    Getting the USA back to Democracy will help the world!

    Blue Wave List:

    A lot of them can be found listed on my BlueWave list at:

    (On Twitter @OneSpirit77, check under lists – BlueWave2018 List)

    There are 54 Candidates listed there so far for all types of offices with more to come soon. Most of them came from the posts that @StirStyx made in November, December and January for the 3Democrats project. Feel free to follow them,subscribe to it to get access to all their tweets in one place, suggest additional names to us and to hype them at will.

    3Demcrats Page:

    The page is still awfully behind due to me having been out of town and then gotten sick, but several Candidates are listed via the 3Democrats page here:

    3 Democrats Page

    More to come soon; how about in the meantime everyone gets 3 people to join this community & message board so we can all make this happen!

    HayaH —

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