Model Country and an experience:

The Hanian Earth Empire is a model country that’s part of an experience, so feel free to suspend your disbelief for a moment. Crafted as an elaborate and realistic what – if the scenario presented will not only test you but also humanity as a whole. It’s a form of reality based role – playing as we craft an experience around you in a way you’ve never seen before….

We’ll compete against that which ails humanity as we gather together and face our humanity: Be it the good, the bad and the ugly. All while we prepare to deal with the reality of not being alone in the universe as well as our eventual confrontation with our neighbors from elsewhere, ones who we refer to as the Immortal.

Adjusting my gravity manipulation device, what did you think I was doing here?

A mysterious yet subtle contact of a highly advanced extra terrestrial intelligence has set an adventure in motion. One you won’t believe, unless you were there to witness the event which set it in motion.

Imagine if instead of the USA or China getting chosen to represent earth during first contact it is rather the tiniest nation on earth, the one bearing this flag:

What would happen?

If Aliens by not knowing about our politics filtered through the entirety of our internet and at random chose a nation’s symbol to be recognized as the sole legitimate national entity of earth. So far so good, right, with the amount of suitable nations on the planet. America is pretty big and all over news. China is powerful. Russia would settle down, we’d even deal if it were Iran or North Korea. But what if it turned out to be a micronation, population two, chosen to be their representative?

Well, that’s what happened here. That above – it happens to be our flag. You’ve never heard of us and won’t find us in any list of recognized nations. However, what if ET recognized us when they recognized no one else on Earth…..

Thus begins our last ditch effort to save modern mankind and seal us toward a better future. Unfortunately the world doesn’t realize that contact has occurred; so billions of people are still living life as if nothing is going on. We can’t seem to communicate with the Immortals that we’re not exactly the USA and that no one would listen to us!

Those in power count on both on the immobility of the traditional system they have put into place as well as human ignorance to prevail. Both are meant to keep people distrusting of one another and firmly entrenched in their social structures. Structures meant to separate, control and exploit. Those in power realized that we had been contacted. They also know that they can’t fight aliens head on, so they resort to trickery and deceit to keep people from seeking change.

A new world, one they’ll stop at nothing to prevent

If upon the Arrival of the Immortals people are convinced to exercise their rights to stand independent, the elites can freely keep exploiting millions of people. Due to laws of free will, they could do so  even while highly advanced ET’s live in the city next door. If those in power are really lucky they can destabilize the world so much that it baits said Immortals on attacking various human groups; such as some extremist groups in the Middle East. This of course would allow them to turn them into enemies and scrape goats, thus solidifying their evil plans for domination. Since we’re the only ones being “talked to” it complicates matters even more…..

It’s a race not only against time but also against those hiding in the shadows who wish to hamper first contact. After all, most reading this won’t even believe it to be true; so they’ll have to counter their traditions and upbringing. Humanity will likely also face off against each other as deluded people fight for their own destruction.

Will you join us and stand for humanity or are you against humankind?