Global Issue

Why this is a Global Issue…

Resisting #45 isn’t just an American issue. No it’s a global issue for many reasons. His administration and the actions thereof affect multiple people, not only Americans.

Not just an American Issue; so Think Global!

Here are some examples.

  • South Korea & Japan:

Affected by his belligerent stance against North Korea. It’s not likely that the rogue nation can actually strike us, but he certainly can cause great destruction to his enemies who live much closer. Japan and South Korea are two nations who are on the forefront of modern technology and development. They’re also our allies. As Americans it’s our duty to protect them from the madman who currently is squatting in the white house.

  • Caribbean Island Nations:

DJT has consistently spoken against climate change and hasn’t really been a friend of Mother Nature. This is already causing issues now, there were brutal hurricanes devastating many of the Caribbean Island nations in 2017. Barbuda, Dominica, Virgin Islands and many others even Americans in Puerto Rico are suffering because of this. Let’s stand up for them!

  • Germany:

Emboldened by seeing right wing leadership here in America Germany has grown to have a demon of their own to slay. The right wing AfD party is gaining foothold in their elections. What’s worse, they seem to be getting support from Right Wing Groups from here. What’s up with that people? We need to counter it by speaking up for the rights of Germany and showing them that we do indeed care enough to consistently resisting #45 here stateside.

  • Great Britain (#StopBrexit #FBPE #ProEurope)

Brexit would cause large problems in the world.

Brexit is a problem in Great Britain which has similar roots as ours over here with #45 and the GOP. In fact, when you line up the Tories over there with the GOP over here it’s almost an identical picture. The fall out is both economic and social; it’s risen anti – immigrant sentiment over there just like #45’s policies have increased hate over here.

So similar is the struggle that in a poll conducted people couldn’t tell which situation I described. While the people are different, the situations are the same!

  • Mexico:

Oh dear Mexico, our Southern Neighbor. You lay dear to our hearts and you’ve suffered so much already with Earthquakes and #45’s horrible Immigration policies. Why do we need to resist that bloody wall? Because we need to build bridges. Trump’s policies are separating families left and right. We must resist before they affect all of us!

  • Syria:

There is still a refugee crisis happening in Syria. The fall of the extremists over there mean that the country is likely to remain in chaos for a long time to come. Many are fleeing violence, not only in Syria but also likely in surrounding countries. Too bad #45 keeps attacking these very people that need our help with travel bans and other anti-immigration policies. Syria isn’t the only place, there are several other countries he routinely attacks as well with his policies and rhetoric. Do we really want to make the situation worse?  Let’s raise our voices for our brothers and sisters overseas.

  • North Korea:

War with North Korea will harm us too, don’t get me wrong. We’ve got people all over the place including in Guam, South Korea and other places that may be within reach of North Korea’s missiles. But that’s not the true cost of a conflict on that side of the world. North Korea itself would be destroyed by it. Not only will any conflict over there likely kill millions of our North Korean brothers and sisters, but it’s likely to cause issues for China as well. If we don’t speak out for the innocents living over there then we’re not human.

  • China:

Destabilization in North Korea will further damage the global economy as well as our relations with China. Those who can will try to flee North Korea to get to China. This can destabilize them which can then show up in problems with our trade and relations. China supplies a good amount of our products and they’re a valid part of the global economy. Rocking the boat there can cause great damage, even if they don’t directly get involved with the conflict. If they do, then heaven help us all. Even without a war or other strive, policies from DJT already are rocking the boat plenty in the areas of trade. Resisting against hate and the presidency shows our Chinese brothers and sisters that we don’t agree with him!

It’s our patriotic duty to resist!

I’m not an expert at foreign affairs, so this is only my initial feelings into the matter. In addition I probably missed many countries who are being affected by the policies of our illegitimate resident that’s squatting in the White House. But even these few will show to you how America First policies, anti – immigration and an anti – climate stance actually hurt all of us.

It can even lead to world war and total collapse of human civilization. Pretty scary stuff huh?

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