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    Greetings everyone:

    Please look over the following and keep a few things on this sheet.
    Either post your reply below or private message it to me (HayaH) via this site.
    I’ll help place you and give you some project ideas :).

    One: Interest and skill fields:
    (LEAVE those here that you like / have / are interested in.)

    If you leave all of them you’ll get a general placement.
    If you leave none of them you’ll get a general placement.
    The more we know the better position offerings I’ll be able to make.

    Acting, Creativity, Leadership, Networking, Typing, Computers, Aliens, First Contact, Science Fiction, Science, Religion, Spirituality, Currency, Cultures, Languages, Cooking, Decorating, Animals, Children, Education, Traveling, Charity, Unity, Diplomacy, Books, Hiking, Exploration, Writing, Public Speaking, Technology, Public Relations, Social Media, Games, Your City, Your Neighborhood, Foreign Affairs, Infrastructure, Progress, Sports, Traditions, Formality, Informality, Conspiracies, Survival and Preparedness, Mystery, Organization, Administration, Staffing, Resources, Alternative Society Structures, Morality, Legal and Law, Neighborhood watch, Security, Media, Peace, Paranormal, Introvert, Extrovert, Clubbing / Partying, Human Rights, Photography, Accounting.

    I’ve tried to be pretty expansive here, but please enter anything here I might have missed!
    It may show up on this form in the future for others.
    Put things on here that you either have a strong or medium interest in doing them.
    If you have a skill in one of these areas, put it down too, unless you absolutely hate doing it.

    Two: How many hours do you have available per week? Please Estimate.
    (Consider jobs, schooling and family obligations; guess under rather than over.)

    Three: Do you know other people who might be interested in this? Yes or No.
    (If so we’ll show you how to invite them.)

    Four: I’d like to do the following:
    contribute effort, give resources, give money, spread the word, learn about the culture.
    (Leave those you’re interested in)

    Five: How did you find us or who referred you?
    (Answering this can help us give credit)

    Six: If you signed the EZ Citizen’s petition, please leave the name / location you signed.
    If you haven’t, please do so.
    (This will allow us to cross check our Citizens)

    I’ll respond back by private message via this community or by e-mail or both.

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