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    Time to make the post I was going to make before the weather got all wonky over here.

    Short Empire Intro for those who are new:

    In short it’s a crowd sourced community movement; structured like a kingdom. We seek to further world unity, encourage freedom for all, a functioning solid global infrastructure and opportunities for all people. We do this through unique methods gathering support and resources along the way. In the Empire there will be a core group of very dedicated nobles and royals who move things forward and govern them: both locally and globally. These will be surrounded by a much larger network of volunteers and supporters who all work together to provide resources, services and projects to make the world a better place for our Citizens! Along side of this we’re running an innovative game simulation dealing with Alien First Contact which will allow people to evaluate their humanity as well as their place in our world.

    We are still in our infancy with many projects slowly being established and our influence waiting to grow :). No matter if you get involved simply to work with a project, such as the activism crew or the simulation within the Empire or go all out and participate in multiple things you will always be welcome here and among friends.

    Keywords & what we stand for…

    Global unity
    Freedom for all
    World Peace
    Live and Let Live
    Human Rights
    Animal Rights
    Women Rights
    Protesting against injustice
    Standing up against bigotry and hate
    Changing Society on a base level
    Basic infrastructure for all
    Leaders motivate and encourage
    Free Flow movement
    Crowd Sourcing
    Global Movement
    One Humanity
    One World
    Global Language
    Peace for all
    No more wars
    Small action big change
    You follow your passions
    Change for change
    Transitioning the world into a better place
    You are unique and perfect just as you are
    Giving one by one invitations
    Growing by compounding
    Letting Real Leaders lead
    By the people for the people
    Advancement by merit
    Gaming by simulation
    First Contact with Aliens
    Model Country Building
    Expansion of Territories
    Art and Culture

    This gives a good overview; more of what we stand for may be added in the future to this post.

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