Hanian Net –

Our member’s network and crowd- sourcing group is something that’s unique to the Hanian Empire. First of all HanianNet is easy to join but it’s automatically tied into citizenship of the Empire. That means the process is stream – lined, it’s effective, it’s easy and there is no wasting of energy nor resources.  Once you are a member of HanianNet the benefits continue from there, not just for your activity in regards to the Empire but also for your personal and professional life outside of the Empire.

Each of our members is a jewel. While special by yourself our real power comes from networking + crowd – sourcing our talents. HanianNet makes this easy and possible!

Since it’s our crowd-sourcing and networking platform you have instant access to dozens if not hundreds of other members sharing your interests. Voting is automatically enabled too, you get access to updates from us and you can participate in any discussion you wish. That means you’re automatically permitted of making government level decisions. Simply jump in and have at it.

However the best benefit of being a part of HanianNet is that we’re going to have a members database to enable better networking and to allow members access to other members who are in their same field. It will boost your own projects, give you a valuable link from our domain and allow other members to find you and follow your blogs, twitters and engage in business with you. We can do this because most of those who are on HanianNet are verified by us as being genuine and trustworthy leaders of their industries and fields. We do this anyway to assure integrity of our citizenship and members, so why not pass this benefit on to you!

Our Current Categories are as follows:

  • Travel (Most are Travel Bloggers)
  • Resistance (AntiTrump Movement)
  • Basic Income / Economic Reform
  • Authors
  • Verified (by Twitter)
  • Konra (Members who have Konra, Titles or hold Positions)
  • Businesses (Those who joined with a businesses account)

Many of our members are avid travelers who share their journeys with others. Others are authors, activists for social justice or run companies. Our Database highlights your projects / fields and lets you network with peers for a global unified world without borders. 

Again, Hanian hate wasting energy so we will leverage all that we have for our members. We want people to invest their resources in you, we want people to follow your blogs and engage you in conversation. Since we strive for unity we’re for our members all the way. Without a cost and without extra requirements. Only by us joining our abilities and talents together can we hope to achieve a better world for all of us.

Please be patient if you’re not listed yet. It takes a while to go through everyone and no one is listed in the first few days.

If you want to opt out of Hanian Net then simply unfollow the HanianNet Twitter.  Say you like HanianNet but don’t wish to be listed in our database or your category is wrong, simply DM or @HanianNet (on Twitter) and it will be fixed. Do the same if you’d like to suggest a new Category.