HAZ Language

HAZ Language:

We have our own language in the Empire. It is used both for our Micronation as well as the chaha book universe.  There are already 4000 words, however not all of them are used in contemporary living since we will also host games and have neat stories in the Hanian Culture.

Hanian Language Emblem

Unique about Hanian:

There are many unique things about the language. Among them is that there is no alphabet and that you can use it in two ways.

No alphabet: Instead you learn bases / segments which make up words. Most of them have meanings.

mu : mouth, speech, language   * Ha : Light, Divinity, God / Source

Two ways of using it: Mimic and Glyph. Mimic has the words broken up into segments [muv ; ta] which prevents two similar words looking the same. However to someone not knowing Hanian it makes it even hard to see where one word ends and the next begins. It’s symbolic of Immortality and Unity, two concepts highly important in Hanian culture.

< Mimic Sample > 

[ge glo ; tin ke esh ; tan nid krjnd ke ma ; wa ul o ; tu ; wan ve hur ; tal]

< Glyph Sample >

Glyph is still a work in progress; as shown by the example below.













Rosetta Stone: The language in itself can be used as a Rosetta stone; learning simple concepts then building your way up to harder things. In addition we will use various techniques to make learning it more fun and easier. Even if multiple people come together that don’t speak each other’s language Hanian can break through the barriers. Some basics governing day by day living can even be taught if there is no understanding between the people involved; if neither participant speaks the others’ language.

Unique Concepts: Even though a base vocabulary can easily be used in the field for day to day living there are a large number of Hanian concepts that are unique. This makes many of our words unique. There are even a few untranslatable words where part of the meaning is lost if you don’t grog the culture or the way the word bases interact with each other. Don’t worry, many of them you’ll learn by immersion as you do things here in the Empire and through the activities.

Modern Vocabulary: We have very modern vocabulary fit for the 21rst century and beyond. The proverbial eels are harder to translate into Hanian than the Hovercraft.

We will have our own dedicated website for the language in the future…

Much more to come soon including a dedicated language site for those who are interested! Of course at the beginning you can only learn it by the basics we make available to everyone. Those who are Hanian, those who are fans of the book series Chaha and linguists will likely have a crack at it in the very beginning. However, later on we will make all of it public and we create some public classes and workshops. There are some unique ideas in the works, which will really bring Hanian forward unlike many other conlangs out there. Jump start your learning by learning the basics here.

Want to see more?

Poke through more of this section where we’ll post a good chunk of the basics.

Some of the words and language concepts will also be posted through the Empire Twitter in due time, incrementally of course.

Last but not least, Hanian is featured on a private niche community website. It’s a niche community where mostly Linguists and conlang enthusiasts hang out to build and discuss languages. They don’t make most of it view-able to the public. This means if you have an interest you have to contact us to be informed of where to go to sign up and how to get permission to view the language there.

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