Here is a handy section which will not only inform you more of the iimortals themselves but also a lot of things that are important in their eyes. Pay attention, there’s a lot of good stuff here. Dare to go here if you’re willing to wander deeper into the rabbit hole. Even if you don’t believe that we’ve made contact the material here will give you a nice new look at some of the more colorful points of First Contact and dealing with Aliens.

“Aliens?” the liaison said next. “Of yours speak? eh?”

“Yours?” I asked. “What’s mine?”

“No. No. Your people, I mean, be collectively”

“No I meant Aliens. That’s your people.”


“We call you Aliens…”

“To us, you the alien be, nid, thing no translate be right…”

Meeting Alien life has it’s own set of challenges. They usually include things we’d never think of until said beings make us aware of it. First contact, or any contact with life from outer space is like walking onto a mine field in micro-gravity. Things you say and things you do can ruin relations quickly. If there isn’t a healthy dose of patience and respect included, it will get screwed up quickly. Take the above for instance. We’re so used to call a species from elsewhere aliens. If they come from the void, from space then we call them Aliens. Yet, they won’t consider themselves alien or foreign. We’d be the aliens to them.

  • Don’t call the visitors Aliens. To them we’re the Aliens….. duh!

So when making communication it’s just an extra hassle that doesn’t need to exist. Or check out below for some other examples, because sometimes you do something for a while and then you realize that wasn’t entirely so smart.

Finding a Name

No Names

Of Note:

Many concepts here are used to craft the backstory for our interactive experience as well as our cultural stories.  Some are directly part of the Hanian Culture. Remember, it’s been crafted to be highly realistic. In some cases reality intertwines with myth quite a bit. Personal experience as well as real events may get crafted into the story line and background information. It’s done in a very specific way. This is your only warning of this. You won’t always know where one begins and the other ends! It’s both to preserve the narrative and for you to have both fun and be sufficiently challenged. Feel free to use these concepts in your personal life, such as applying a teaching or to save something for later reading. Don’t call it your own experience, say you created it or try to sell it. Thanks!

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