Integration or Independence Campaign:

A twitter activity for the game!

If you thought the Campaign got heated, this may be just as vicious. Two simple questions that will clearly show where everyone’s loyalties lie.

Global Unity or Not?

One: Do we stand for global unity or only for our own?

Two: If aliens come to earth should our city remain independent or should they vote to integrate?

These simple questions have long reaching implications. To be separate means you are relying only on yourself. Unity with each other brings not only benefits now, but also allows us to integrate with aliens after first contact. To merge with the Aliens means to gain their technology but likely also some of their ruler ship and laws.

In this simulated scenario and what if both groups must remain segregated from each other and travel permission from one into the other isn’t granted. You as an individual get the same choice, but if you choose different from your city, you’ll likely have to leave it at first contact! Here you will also be arguing for global unity or against it.

Alien cultures could be vastly different from our own, if we can’t unite earth we aren’t ready….


Somehow as a traditionalist you suspect the whole thing is just a publicity stunt to encourage a new world order. There are no aliens, everyone knows this! As your activity you must come up with convincing slogans and Social Media to promote separation of countries and independence from aliens even if this means going back to the stone age.


If it isn’t started by the iimortals themselves, it’s certainly perfectly in line with everything that needs to happen here to prepare.  A more unified world can’t be bad, regardless if it’s just a poll or if this actually is a part of the iimortal’s ultimate plan. Oh well, either way this will make it easier to sort through the mess. As your activity you must come up with Social Media to aid in your campaign for Global unity, Integration or both.

Are we ready to be one world?


Post your arguments for and against global unity on Twitter with or without the hashtag #Haz #game. See how many people you can sway to your opinion and see if they’ll join your team.  Also be sure to add your arguments for or against integration on our first contact forum. If you don’t feel comfortable with aliens, then you can just argue for global unity or against it too as a more contemporary version of the above :).

This is a game activity!