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    >> What to do here?

    Feel free to participate and share the links with others as there is much here that will be interactive. It will be a lot more entertaining if people comment, hold discussions and otherwise […]

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    Days and Weeks in the NWO; the basics

    kvar is the word for day and week would be called gak ; var. Like here a standard day is still 24 hours.

    However it’s counted at two segments, day as […]

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    Alien Mannerisms
    Things that make you go Hmm!

    The governmental and social system may look like a Theocratic Socialist Dictatorship but it’s actually more Eusocial. If Humanity had been a bunch of […]

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    A group of beings the NWO worships.
    The Masters didn’t say much about these Beings to those who are their slaves. What little we know
    has been pieced together; from speeches, myths and those actions […]

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    Just a simple glossary of important terms in 2023. Most of them describe things found in the New World Order. It’s hoped this gives you a tiny bit of a better understanding into the […]

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    Crazy stuff you might see!
    So you struck the intergalactic lottery by shifting by the convergence. One thing is for sure: If you come across the new world order you’re going to see some crazy stuff, […]

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    Running :
    Sometimes it’s best to conceal you’re a walker!
    A few relevant concepts to give you an overview into the new world….


    To be a walker means you’re trying to pass through an Overlord’s […]

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    Getting to another city:
    It’s no stroll in the woods!
    For instance you may think running and escaping to a better region is a simple case of up and at them. However, it’s not easy and for some it’s downright […]

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    Overview of War of 2023:

    It’s the end of the world as we know it, in full technicolor glory. In the year 2023 a mysterious cascade failure enables an equally mysterious enemy to launch an attack on the USA. A […]

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    This is considered very important in Hanian belief for solidifying claims and making the same legit by anyone’s yard stick. We don’t just claim, we occupy and yes even live on our claims. Work, live and […]

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    5 Rights

    Remember though: As stated before there are several other groups active here. While the claim over bliatera is sovereign it means out of respect we hold joint authority over these places with other […]

  • 3 Million Sqm
    3 Million Sqm sound wonderful HayaH, but where might these be? I can see you looking at your map in absolute terror worried of what I might answer to this. Antarctica? You’re probably hoping I don’t […]

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    Bliatera – Our Newest Claim
    Sometimes chance and circumstance just throws something cool your way. As Hanian we’re never keen on saying no to a good blessing. This is the case of a really awesome territory we […]

  • When Opportunity Knocks….
    When opportunity knocks you open the freaking door. We did and it’s going to be a wonderful and exiting journey. First of all some background information…
    Legitimizing our territory […]

  • Region: South East

    Each region will have four sectors. Three of them are directional: East Side, Center Connector, West Side. One is functional: Base Facility.  In the South East they are respectively called […]

  • Want proof of something nifty?
    pj – transportation, mode of transport

    za – world, in the world and secular

    ya – nobility

    zp – concerning eyes and vision, something you can see

    Memorize these four […]

  • Weekdays in Hanian Conlang
    Telling time is very important and in Hanian it’s no different. So here are your weekdays as long as a few concepts relating to them. To say day you’d say kvar.

    The week – az gak ; […]

  • Dolch Sight Words in Hanian Conlang

    This is a work in progress, a few terms are not finished yet. They should be added in the next few weeks as in many cases it’s just a case of finding among my many files. I’m […]

  • Primer Dolch Sight Words in Hanian ConLang
    Suggested use, parents / educators as well as new learners of Hanian. Age: 4-6. Use Visuals and mimicry especially with younger children or those who may not speak your […]

  • Welcome to the Hanian Conlang Site

    No matter where you come from I hope you will enjoy this website showing off some of the cooler aspects of the Hanian Language and allowing you to learn the same.

    As for […]

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