• HayaH wrote a new post, Puzzle Fun, on the site Hanian Earth Empire 5 days, 5 hours ago

    Check our first Puzzle!

    Working on making it much better !!! The thing still isn’t perfect, but it’ll get better.

    `  No one can tell the difference here, especially not if they skim the page, they’ll miss i […]

  • IRE: Why use reality?
    We use real situations in the narrative to blend the worlds better. It allows the player to get more out of playing. If we simply used this whole fantastical concept with no basis in reality […]

  • Unique : First Contact 
    First Contact, not really even in our thoughts but you’ll get to experience it!

    First Contact is a concept that’s really not explored. At all. Yes people may wax poetically and […]

  • Unique: Experience Alien Society
    You get to explore an alien culture and join their Society

    As part of the scenario people are not only permitted to join the aliens society but they are fully encouraged to […]

  • Unique – Be Somebody
    An Alternative System where you are somebody; how’s that for change?

    You’ve been bound by the system for your entire life. Your mother and father were bound by this same system. You […]

  • Unique : Be part of something!
    You can’t believe it. An alternative system; with you at the forefront!

    The iimortals brought something with them when they made contact. Not only to show that they’re fair […]

  • This is an unique game.
    It’s an unique game, something completely new!


    Most games are either online or offline. There is X-box, multi person online games, or like that wheel of fortune game on the […]

  • Unique – A Micronation:
    Incredibly fun, quite rewarding, always a challenge – creating your own country from scratch!

    First of all, we’re talking a Micronation. This is a model – state concept where […]

  • Live the Movie: AW18
    Unique: Living the Movie
    Why watch the movie when you can live it?

    We primarily watch movies and read books trying to immerse ourselves into the worlds created. Yet we never get to […]

  • IRE: Integrated Reality Gaming
    How can this be considered integrated reality gaming?

    Look at it this way. No matter HOW much you want to bring a movie to reality and be a part of what’s happening on a movie […]

  • Understanding Overlords
    For instance we’ll have City Leadership & Local activities via the Overlord program.


    Some people naturally get it as if by osmosis but others have a much harder time to […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, Sole Nation, on the site Hanian Earth Empire 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Nation’s Legitimacy:
    “You’re the sole authorized sovereign nation recognized for planet Earth.”


    The fact that they don’t accept any other nation as legitimate is a pretty big statement. Imagine, […]

  • Enter an Alien Society:
    The requirements to get started aren’t too many. In addition some of them are quite fun, though it can be a bit of a challenge. It should only take a little of your time to do this, time […]

  • Merit Based Progression
    All territories part of the Hanian Empire are ultimately guided by merit based progression.

    Between Konra and the Zira we have plenty of options.  I’ve even set up a basic system […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, Crazy5, on the site Future World 1 month ago

    The New World Order:

    Crazy things you’ll see 5



    If you’ve never paid it much mind before shifting you’ll be obsessed with it afterwards…..



    Unusual food:

    Yes, the high castes wi […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, Crazy4, on the site Future World 1 month ago

    The New World Order:

    Crazy things you’ll see part 4




    Another staple of the New World is fancy technology. It’s approximately 50 – 70 years more advanced than ours. Give or take a d […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, Crazy3, on the site Future World 1 month ago

    The New World Order

    Crazy things you’ll see




    Many people in the NWO will be younger than they should be for what you’ll see them doing! It’s a cultural thing. Don’t worry, they don’t press c […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, Crazy2, on the site Future World 1 month ago

    Crazy things in the New World
    Good gawd, that hurts enough to make a grown man cry…..


    Corporal punishment:


    No account of the New World Order would be complete without mentioning t […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, Why Different Outcome, on the site Future World 1 month ago

    Why this story: Messy situation with difficult outcome


    – It’s a messy situation with a difficult outcome –
    Here is my biggest pet peeve and the number one thing I will reveal about the chaha series. H […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, Why SHTF Moment, on the site Future World 1 month ago

    Why this story: That moment when SHTF


    – the serious moment when SHTF –
    Many other stories, especially movies tend to gloss that over quite a bit. Yeah, you have people staring and accidents happening w […]

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