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  • HayaH wrote a new post, How to grow, on the site Hanian Earth Empire 2 days, 2 hours ago

    Ideas to help us grow:

    Here are the first initial ideas to help us grow.

    2 by 2:

    Get two people involved every week in any of the citizen categories. Have them do the same! Make it be […]

  • Global Unity. It’s such a noble but impossible goal. Actually no it’s not. Through our experiences we know that it’s not only very possible to unite many people globally we’ve seen direct examples of it. Think of […]

  • Power of the Crowd

    If you hang around here for any period of time you’ll see that everything we do is done by our very unique way.

    Here are just a few strange things we’ve done:

    Waiting to officially […]

  • Escaping the Sandbox;

    aka. Why we’re won’t just be doing Micronational stuff….


    —- Why not just run a Micronation?

    There are hundreds of very interesting and valid Micronations out there […]

  • Empress:

    What does an Empress do?

    Since we’re not like a conventional society nor run a conventional nation it should come to no surprise that what an Empress does here isn’t nearly like what a traditional […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, As Protest, on the site Hanian Earth Empire 4 days, 12 hours ago

    Our Sci-Fi Micronation serves as our direct protest to the current illegitimate administration in America.

    What is corrupt here is corrupt in some gradients elsewhere, the law we hold as universal isn’t being […]

  • Resistance and Micronations:

    I just realized that at heart the very act of being dedicated to create a new nation from scratch means that those of us engaged in it absolutely do not agree with the current […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, bliatera, on the site Hanian Earth Empire 5 days, 21 hours ago

    bli ; a ; te ; ra

    Our newest territory.

    This one happened through seizing of an opportunity and we’ve had a chance to do as much here to legitimize our claim over the same as with ra ; chorm. When we saw a […]

  • Very important for any society and micronation is to serve the population. We’ve found a unique and creative way to do just that on a pretty large scale. What’s the coolest about it is that if you live in one of […]

  • Global Divisions:

    Rather than all of the many divisions we have currently in the world we’ll side step a few of them as shown below. For instance, continent and country will no longer exist as a complete […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, On Term, on the site Hanian Earth Empire 6 days, 9 hours ago

    On Term: It’s daHavor’s life

    What is a term?

    First of all I should probably give a bit of an idea of what this term thing we keep talking about is all about. Especially since the it’s not a thing most people […]

  • States Covered Jul 4 – Sep 10, 2017: 
    Over the last ten weeks plenty of states have been made legitimate, solidified, covered and served by us. In many of them we spent several nights, incrementally. Some of […]

  • Mobile Imperial Palace:
    Due to the amount of territory we must cover on a weekly basis we’ve opted to take the next step. To take our unique situation and leverage it to create a mobile Imperial Palace rather […]

  • When I opened us for potential citizens in 2017 I didn’t realize that we weren’t quite ready for it. People signed up and interacted with us in limited ways but didn’t really do much so it wasn’t anything more […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, Not my job, on the site Hanian Earth Empire 6 days, 13 hours ago

    Not my job:

    It’s not my job to convince you of the validity of the Immortals. So it’s not my job to prove anything to you. Or to do the work for you. My job merely consists of telling you the message. My job is […]

  • Legal System: One Simple Law – Live and Let Live

    Want to know the fairest and easiest legal system to ever exist? It’s simple and it’s universal. If you really think about it we can actually all agree on this, […]

  • HayaH started the topic on the road in the forum Public 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Spent the last 7 weeks on the road traveling over a good chunk of the United States doing things for the Empire. Even though it was an initial run and thus mostly served to get us used to being on the road we still got a lot accomplished for the Empire.

    The flag went on a massive flag crawl, we claimed a few spots informally and we were…[Read more]

  • In Chaha:

    Hanian as is used in Chaha

    Just a quick post which will be edited in the future to serve as a placeholder for the word lists and general stuff of using Hanian in the Chaha universe. Right now there […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, Interact, on the site Future World 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    >> What to do here?

    Feel free to participate and share the links with others as there is much here that will be interactive. It will be a lot more entertaining if people comment, hold discussions and otherwise […]

  • HayaH wrote a new post, Calendars, on the site Future World 3 months ago

    Days and Weeks in the NWO; the basics

    kvar is the word for day and week would be called gak ; var. Like here a standard day is still 24 hours.

    However it’s counted at two segments, day as […]

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