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Some of the basics of things learned from the iimortals. Many of these things are basics, there is nothing too intense here. Some are activities that we can do to prepare for interactions. If you’re registered at our website you’ll get a lot more information in the future. Quite a bit isn’t going to be made public. This includes not only specifics about contact,  but also things about the future, information granted by them, proof of their existence and much more. The supplementary information will be added incrementally, it will be a part of the citizen’s library.

First of all we will say this. There is no harm that will come on us from these beings. They are not trying to hurt us or manipulate us. Someone of that much power doesn’t have to go around and manipulate. When contact happened it wasn’t apparent as such at first. Their technology is much higher than most of what we can fully understand, even the tech we can understand is way beyond us. Between these two things they don’t have to beat around the bush. Any of us could have met them and never known. These beings can come in and out of our awareness, changing things as they wish without any of us catching on to any of it. They could have deposited us in another galaxy and we’d never know about it.  So no. The iimortals don’t need to deceive. There’s no need to use tricks, we’re not advanced enough to warrant it except tricks which are used to protect us. Anything they hide is due to our own lack of understanding and comprehension. The forms they take is to make us at ease or at least comprehend what’s transpiring in some manner. Yeah, that was an utter freak out on that occurred on that ship. Ghosts and a God in the form of a motherly sun were much easier to digest and even those sound absurd to the casual observer!

Also, if they wanted to harm us why would they have spent years trying to communicate?

>>Menu: Here and Public.

  • tvike: Everyone has to make a choice: To change to the new or not. Divisions or unity. Freedom or control. You too!
  • Integration: Stand on your own or integration with iimortal Society? Personal Question & Global Question.
  • First Contact: Various Activities planned for the First Contact simulation

On the Members’ Site:

  • prut: Golden rule is basis for all legal systems.
  • The iimortals: Whatever you call them, they’re not from here and they’re much more advanced than us!
  • Purpose: Our purpose isn’t to suffer, but to create and express ourselves.
  • Ants: So little, yet so successful. What can we learn from them? Time to adapt ourselves!
  • rjtra: Respect for our LifeGiver, the Sun. A symbol of an Unseen Creator.
  • Sun 2: Solar Respect, part 2 – the many reasons for giving respect! Oh yeah, don’t insult spiritual beliefs of more advanced species..
  • Meeting: We can’t come to them, so they’ll be coming to us. Then we’re told we need a thorough house cleaning!
  • rutro: A few words about First Contact / Arrival.
  • Preparing for Arrival: More about the Arrival and preparing for it.
  • iimortal’s Reaction: How would they react to our world? What would you say to them? Activity & Discussion plans.
  • Perceptions: It’s not about the perception of the world. No it’s about the iimortal’s Perception (of our world)
  • All are One: We’re all one and we’re all part of God / Source.
  • Civilization Scales: Yeah, we’ve got a way’s to go!
  • egkra: Eusociality is better than you think!
  • phura: Getting people to follow us on twitter:  Increases activity,  helps us gain support, shows those who believe in unity.
  • Energy = Matter: It merely exists in different forms.
  • User-ship: If we use something do we not own it at that moment? Why should anything else matter!
  • kuval: The gradients of the castes, kind of older but still relevant.
  • muvta : About the Universal Language.
  • Complex Language:  Just gimme a word list. Famous last words when dealing with aliens…
  • Circle of Life: Everything progresses, it’s an endless cycle.
  • You are Eternal:
  • Science & Religion: Two sides of one coin…
  • Technology Listing: Drool. Oh. Hmm. Wow. Eh? That sums it up!
  • Math: Simple math isn’t so simple anymore…. (Best to know Sor – Sar number system, but you can muddle your way through it)
  • Colored Paper: iimortals don’t use money. They call it colored pieces of paper. Frightening culture clash waiting to happen….
  • Greet an iimortal: Simple discussion how would you greet an iimortal?
  • Earth Report: You’re tasked with making a short & simple report on Earth to an iimortal Liaison. Activity!
  • Species: Giving you an idea of the diversity in the universe. These are model species, some are real others are patterned after the real.
  • Forage: Treasure hunt activity, in a playful manner try to find pennies in your neighborhood. Compete with others!
  • On Term: What’s this term thing I hear about?