Micronation Profile

Micronation Profile:

Our Micronational activities serve as our direct protest to the current illegitimate administration in America. We’re not secessionist but we will be active in many spheres of society. We’re planning to  set up an alternative administration and governmental system to show people what a government should be like in reality. They can then compare the two administrations, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Consider it a massive social experiment if you will. Through modeling and by example we hope to showing a better way in all aspects of life so people will be empowered to make changes that benefit them and our species as a whole. These are changes in both what they’ll tolerate from governmental leaders as well as how they view things around them.

Due to our sci – fi focus, our unique alien styled culture you can be assured that we’re not trying to uproot but improve and enrich. The unique experiences that flavor our interactions and the cool things we’ll do to achieve our goals will both challenge you as well as empower you.  As we’ve gained access to some hidden information and commonly use cutting edge techniques to meet our goals we’re in some ways set up like a secret society. This is to protect our trade secrets, our allies as well as our diverse membership. Though small and new we’ve already had some successes. So come in, learn some cool stuff, have some fun and protest with us by creating a new and vibrant nation.

Below is the Nation profile of our Micronation.

Name: Hanian Earth Empire

Name in own language: Ha ; ni ; an rast ; tjn

           We are a Hanian Autonomous Protectorate

Governmental System and Type:

Social System: Eusocial Collective; with a flexible caste system.

Type: Imperial.
Territorial holdings are administered by an Imperial Government
This Imperial Government is headed by the absolute authority of an Empress.

Citizens will have the right to actively participate in governmental affairs, locally and globally.

Governmental truths:

  • A government exists to serve the people and to uphold Live and Let Live.
  • All citizens have absolute freedom, in all spheres of life.
  • Immigration is free and open. Leaving the country or opting out is free and open.
  • We believe in an Universal Basic Income. A citizen shouldn’t have to work merely to live.
  • Automation and technological advancement are important. We will pursue those.
  • We should be ready to both travel into space as well as deal with First Contact with aliens. Research and dry runs should exist for these.
  • Our planet should be protected, our animals cherished and we should take care of one another like family.
  • We believe in global unity tempered with local city leadership.
  • Cultural expression and art is important. Diversity is important as long as it’s tempered with loyalty to humanity.
  • A government should provide opportunity and jobs to their citizens. However, these should not be compulsory.
  • No one should be forced to be in a military and a nation should not make war with others except to defend themselves.
  • Citizens should have a forum to be heard. They should all have ways to participate.
  • All citizens should have the right to attain and serve in government positions, local or global.
  • All progression in power and authority should be by merit. Not by money. Not by fame. Merit and Loyalty only.
  • Laws should be easy to understand, simple to uphold and fair for 99% of your population. Live and let live is the only one we have.
  • Citizens should not needlessly be jailed, they should not be coerced by the government nor exposed to violence.
  • Media and citizens should both be free to speak their mind. Even if they speak negatively of their government or leaders.
  • Everyone should decide how to raise their families, where to live, how to live, what religion (or not) to follow, etc.
  • There is more, but these are some of the basics.

Empress: HayaH

King – General: daHavor

Scope: Global; springing up online and in multiple local regions.

Territories, Area, Residents, Citizens and Visitors:


ra ; chorm (East Atlanta, GA)

Type: Sovereign Territory

Total :  1.7 Square Miles / 4.5 Square kilometers

Official: ra ; chorm  is *Scouted, Official, Colonized and Occupied.

bli ; a ; te ; ra (A good part of the Continental United States)

Type: Auxiliary Territory

Total: TBD Square Miles / TBD Square kilometers

Official: bli ; a ; te ; ra is being scouted and being occupied at the moment for legitimacy purposes.

  • Of note: We claimed the entire Continental United States initially however most of our scouting / legitimization activity so far has been confined to the eastern half of the territory. We may decide to revise the claim at a later date and split the large territory into two halves as we’ll be legitimized in the East long before we do the same in the West. Auxiliary Territory means we share jurisdiction and Authority. This usually happens in large territories that are already inhabited where others claim authority too.  Smaller areas within bli ; a ; te ; ra may eventually become Sovereign Territories; joining ra ; chorm.

ku ; lu ; al  (Bir Tawil, between Sudan and Egypt)

Type: Sovereign Territory

Total: 795 Square Miles / 2060 Square Kilometers

Official: ku ; lu ; al  has only been claimed so far to signal our intent for scouting and occupying the same to make it legitimate.

Since we are an expansive Empire we are expanding constantly!

Residency and Residents:

Citizenship Levels: Residency, Provisional, Full and Imperial Citizenship

Residency: Automatic

Residency is automatically granted by living in any territory or sovereign area. We will not ask anyone to leave or move from the city or town where they live. Our Resident Citizens merely inhabit an area we have activity in, interact with us online, are served by our industries and / or are served by our administration. Most do not usually interact formally with us since our industry covers various cities in our territory. Many do however interact informally with us, both online and all across our territory. We suspect that there are millions of residents living in our vast territorial holdings. Thousands of them follow the Empire and our Empress on Twitter. We serve almost a quarter of a million of them per month via our industries, mostly through delivery of groceries. We have yet to hold an official Census.

Citizenship and Citizens:

Citizenship: Currently Limited

We’ll open on the 30th of September by inviting the first people. Our citizens will qualify for variable rights depending on their type of citizenship and length of membership. Those citizens who are active will take a bit of time to pick a cultural name. Due to expected exponential growth after the first few months of existence we won’t be making our citizen numbers public right away. This is due to many factors including the anticipated constant shift upward in our membership numbers.

Language, Currency, Industry, Resources:

National Language: Hanian

Trade Languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi (Color = current speakers)

Natural Resources: Quartz, Wild Plants, Wilderness

Planned Industries: Transportation, Mining, Agriculture, Production, Exo Relations, Defense, Tourism, Media and Entertainment

Currency System: Appropriated Fusion Currency, Konra Merit based system.

The Nationals:

Hanian Earth Empire Flag

National Symbols: Earth Globe, Hexagon, Hazda Glyph

National Bird: Pigeon

National Pet: Cat

National Plant: Clover

National Flower: Rose

National Stone: Quartz

National Metal: Copper

National Sports and Games:

National Sports:

Expeditions for sake of exploration. We don’t really play ball sports and it’s often joked that a Hanian’s main national sport is to conquer; so add conquest to that list as well. There are other sports, but they’ll take a while to explain.

National Games:

trogla (a simulation), zowa games, chase games (such as hare and hounds), treasure hunts, capture the flag and others. Many of our  games have have been altered from the originals with an unique cultural twist to them.

Planned Military / Police, Law, Justice:

Military: Nezra (Scout & Infrastructure)

Police: Nezka (Neighborhood watch, Local support & Authority)

Law: Live and Let live, free will is highest law.

Legal and Judicial System: TBD; Live and Let Live is highest law though.

Planned Ministries and Departments:


  • Imperial Governmental Administration *
  • Territorial Expansion Department *
  • Citizen Services and Immigration Department  *
  • Finance and Resource Department
  • City and Colony Ministry
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Citizen Action (Activism) *
  • Exo Affairs & First Contact
  • Space, Technology and Research
  • Intervention and Transition *
  • Military and Invasion Defense
  • Law and Authority
  • Culture and Cuisine
  • Linguistics and Communications
  • Nature and Animal Affairs
  • Ministry of Spiritual Matters
  • Caste and Social Stratification Affairs
  • Labor, Business and Trade Affairs
  • Medical and Emergency Response
  • Children and Elderly Ministry
  • Education and Information
  • Estate and Nobility Ministry
  • Arts, Sports and Games Ministry

Others may be added and some of these may combine. We will likely have 23 – 24 Ministries headed by an Imperial Government. We’re not ready to take on too many ministers quite yet. However, if something peaks your interest be sure to contact us since we’ll be seeking qualified and dedicated individuals to manage these Ministry Departments for us in the near future.

Embassies and Regional Governments:

We plan to open a number of Embassies and regional governments to administer our affairs globally. This will occur as we gain citizens and increase activity. Their exactly locations are TBD. Local leadership will also exist, both in neighborhoods as well as on a city level.

Any information on this document is subject to change and alteration. Most people initially getting involved will be invited. We are a new project, so please be assured that we are doing everything to get everything together properly.