Micronation Profile

Micronation Profile:

Name: Hanian Earth Empire

Name in own language: Ha ; ni ; an rast ; tjn

           We are a Hanian Autonomous Protectorate

Governmental System and Type:

Social System: Eusocial Collective; with a flexible caste system.

Type: Imperial; territorial holdings are administered by an Imperial Government, headed by the absolute authority of an Empress.

Empress: HayaH

Ascending King – General: daHavor

Scope: Global; springing up in multiple local regions.

Territories, Area, Residents, Citizens and Visitors:

Territories: Claimed, Scouted, Official, Colonized, Occupied

Sovereign Territories: ra ; chorm (East Atlanta, GA)

Total :  1.7 Square Miles / 4.5 Square kilometers

Official: ra ; chorm  is *Scouted, Official, Colonized and Occupied.             @ 1.7 square miles / 4.5 Square kilometers

Since we are an expansive Empire we are expanding constantly!

Residency and Residents:

Residency: Automatic. It is granted by living in any territory or sovereign area; we will not ask anyone to leave or move from the city or town where they live. Residents merely inhabit an area we have activity in, they do not usually interact formally with us.

Number of Residents in all territories: TBD

Citizenship and Citizens:

Citizenship: Limited.

Total Number of Citizens: 3

Number of those living in Sovereign Territories: 2

Number living in Auxiliary Territories: 1

Residents In and Visitors passing through Sovereign Territories:

ra ; chorm:  TBD / TBD

Language, Currency, Industry, Resources:

National Language: Hanian

Trade Languages: English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi (Color = current speakers)

Natural Resources: Quartz, Wild Plants, Wilderness

Planned Industries: Mining, Agriculture, Production, Exo Relations, Defense, Tourism, Media and Entertainment

Currency System: Appropriated Fusion Currency

The Nationals:

National Symbols: Earth Globe, Hexagon, Hazda Glyph

National Plant: Clover

National Stone: Quartz

National Sports: Expeditions for sake of exploration. We don’t really play ball sports and it’s often joked that a Hanian’s main national sport is to conquer; so add conquest to that list as well. There are other sports, but they’ll take a while to explain.

National Games: trogla (a simulation), zowa games, chase games (such as hare and hounds), treasure hunts, capture the flag and others. Many of our  games have have been altered from the originals with an unique and cultural twist to them.

Planned Military / Police, Law, Justice:

Military: Nezra (Scout & Infrastructure)

Police: Nezka (Neighborhood watch, Local support & Authority)

Law: Live and Let live, free will is highest law.

Legal and Judicial System: TBD

Planned Ministries and Departments:


  • Imperial Governmental Administration
  • Claims and Colonization
  • Territorial Affairs
  • Citizens and Immigration Department
  • Finance and Resource Department
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Exo Affairs
  • Space and Technology
  • Intervention and Transition
  • Military and Invasion Defense
  • Law and Authority
  • Culture and Cuisine
  • Linguistics and Communications
  • Nature and Animal Affairs
  • Ministry of Spiritual Matters
  • Caste and Social Stratification Affairs
  • Labor, Business and Trade Affairs
  • Education and Information
  • Estate and Nobility Ministry
  • Arts, Sports and Games Ministry

Others may be added and some of these may combine!

Embassies and Regional Governments:

We plan to open a number of Embassies and regional governments to administer our affairs globally as we gain citizens. Their exactly locations are TBD. Local leadership will also exist, both in neighborhoods as well as on a city level.

Any information on this document is subject to change and alteration. Most people initially getting involved will be invited. We are a new project, so please be assured that we are doing everything to get everything together properly.