Simple Description:

Part model country and part reality based role – playing experience we’re unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before. Reality and Fantasy intertwine and mix here seamlessly as we’re creating an elaborate what if scenario we can all participate in.

Let’s face it, many of us are collectively fed up with Trump and how things are currently seeking of something we can do about it. So I ask, what better way to deal with it than to channel some of this disillusion creatively to see if we can’t do things differently.

As such the Hanian Empire is set up as a micronation, an alternative form of administration and social organization for the benefit of all of humanity. However, there are undertones here, things which point to a much bigger adventure than merely building a nation from scratch.  (Which in itself is already cool, I mean, you could be asked to become an Overlord and run a city!)

Aliens make contact and pick a random nation as the global representative in regards to them….

Curious to see who it is? I know you are….