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This is the initial welcome page for those who wish to get involved in our social revolution and unity efforts. I bid you welcome on behalf of The Resistance, if you haven’t already gotten your Citizenship you can go to the HanianNet twitter to do so. If you’d like to register for our site, you can do that here:

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Unify Humanity and Protest Hate:

We are making a major effort to unify humanity as one. Global Unity, Human 1rst this movement serves to show that we have more in common than our small differences. One by one we come out of the world to form our own movement. Not only do we declare Independence but we also unify as one, protest hate and make a positive difference in our world.

This means because of our views we are Anti – Trump. It means taking the Anti – Trump resistance global is part of a full on social movement for change and a better world for all of us! We can’t let injustice slip past us as it will directly counter that which we’ve been tasked to achieve. In this we sincerely apologize to anyone who may like what we are doing but who may not agree with our political views. You can’t deal with the Immortals if you can’t deal with your fellow man.

Remember: Unite, Speak, Protest, Declare, Spread

Unite with one another, make this global

Speak out for unity and change

Protest Injustice and Resist

Declare Independence from System

Spread this everywhere!

Declaration of Independence / Unity Pledge:

Get as many people to act on Twitter to make this global. We tend to use the cloverleaf symbol and you’ll see the kind of things we’ll be doing in this web section. However you can act even on your own. Let people see what we stand for and why! You can get people to sign the unity pledge provided below to encourage global unity and be leaders for unity. After they do that, have them come here and help out :). Here is the link again in case you need it:

Speak for Unity:

Speak, protest and call for unity by any creative way you can. This focuses both on Social Media as well as your personal circle of friends. Include random strangers too, if you’re that daring! Show how global unity can benefit all of us and how we can go about achieving it. Our separation will only keep causing suffering and hate to flourish. Most of us here know that’s not what we want to see here.  As such we will create unique and vibrant campaigns to help out with this and crowd – source the whole thing.

🌎 We’re one World, it’s time to unify. Preferably before they show up!🌎

Spread everywhere:

You can encourage people one by one if you need to. Have them do the simple few actions of unifying, signing the pledge, participating in the sun strike and protest injustice as they choose. Send them to this page to get ideas. Do this consistently and we’ll grow over a period of time.

Use the Following Hash tags (or create your own):

🍀 Rise up and Resist! 🍀

#TheResistance & #Resistance

#NotMyPresident & #NMP

#NoBanNoWall #WeResist


#ImpeachTrump #TrumpRussia

A much bigger list is coming soon to help you post whatever you’d like and be able to link up with fellow activists from around the world.

Emblems and Emoji’s : (Copy and Paste them)

Cloverleaf Resistance: 🍀

Sun Strike: 🌅  (This project is in the sandbox)

Global Unity: 🌎

* Feel free to use other globes as well if your not in North or South America!!! In addition, use others you find online being used, the paperclip is common, as are black flags, Lady Liberty, etc.

Individual actions:

* Ask to join the cloverleaf resistance, we can crowd – source the resistance properly that way. Stick a cloverleaf symbol on your Social Media account or Bio. 🍀

Tiny actions can change the world!

* Use creative hash tags, tweet and post about this, tag people and otherwise spread the word about this through social media and to call for global unity. Talk to people one on one, even a few each week will grow our movement by droves if we encourage them to do the same.

Get the resistance unified on social media, by the above methods. For instance you can @ individuals, RT interesting stuff, use hash tags to call attention to things, play hash tag games, tweet thought provoking stuff and otherwise engage people in Social media. Encourage others to follow those who are in the resistance that interest them and have them follow each other back. Welcome those who are having regrets of having voted for Trump, they can be wonderful allies!

* If you are religious call for prayer and meditation for global unity, hold interfaith services / prayers / meditations, focus on what religions have in common – mercy, love, compassion, unity, peace. Call out those who claim to profess faith but aren’t acting in accordance to these values. Ie. Trump is many things, but a Christian he’s not. Be sure to let others who are of your faith know this, even if they are in complete denial about it.

Individual actions put together paint awesome pictures

* Participate in protests and marches when and where you can. Especially focus the protesting on the weekend right before the eclipse. Make it global! If you can’t, we’ll have the make a sign + post a sign online protest happening soon that will likely gain momentum in the next few months and keep going! It’s where you post a creative protest sign from the internet or create one yourself and then propagate it through social media, preferably tagging others into the photo! This should encourage people to RT the message and follow each other. If enough people do it, the world will see us protesting injustice and speak for global unity consistently!

* Volunteer your time or help someone in need. This can be small or large. We have a lot of suffering on earth and many people who may need a helping hand. It’s not just about doing tiny acts of charity, but also about sending messages of encouragement, perhaps gifting something to a stranger or otherwise making a difference. More will be posted about this in the future, because there are many very creative ways we can make this happen and here in the Hanian Empire we’ve got a few good ideas ourselves.

Do a little each day and you’ll be surprised at the results.

In the future :

Some of this will be available soon, but it’s gonna be for members first!

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It’s time to take back our world! Join the Social Revolution…