Open, Public and Wilderness Land can be responsibly used.

  • Ownership is more fluid.
  • Planet belongs to all humans.
  • Small places can be responsibly used.
  • Large wilderness can be settled.

tukal : Land settlement done creatively and responsibly

Ownership of Earth:

In iimortal society ownership is a much more fluid concept. It’s hard to own something that you aren’t using. This applies to land especially. Earth belongs to all humans according to the iimortals. That means as long as a chosen utilization is responsible and the area isn’t previously occupied it’s considered Wilderness land. Owned by all of us. Since traditional societies aren’t using these places and aren’t living in them this means on some level they don’t want them. A few thousand years is enough time for people to have settled there, well according to the iimortals at least.

According to the iimortals earth belongs to all humans.

Small versus large:

Small: If it’s of small size and not utilized in a particular fashion, people may gain some benefits from it. Responsible use is the key word here, this means if there are resources there that would otherwise go to waste or if there is plenty of something there a few being taken wouldn’t hurt.  Visiting the area and taking pleasure in it’s natural beauty is more than all right. Permanent settling may not be possible in many cases, nor may active agriculture or industry. A local public area is an example of this or an abandoned parking lot.

A flower meadow or a small park

Large: Wilderness areas which are large may be utilized in more permanent manner, including settlement. This is because we all own it together and if a group of us wish to live there no one has the right to tell us we can’t. However, they still must be used responsibly and in some cases Immigration could present an issue. Those living in close proximity though can however relocate at will. An example is the Tibetan Plateau; although cool remote locations can be found all over the world with ease.

Many places are remote but beautiful.

Due to iimortal law on this matter and since it’s clear Earth is indeed owned by all humans we’ll be doing a lot of work to find out how to get the benefits thereof open and available for more people. We respect the structures already present, however, we will seek legal and responsible ways of making this a reality.