Why Join

Why should you join?

Here is a simple list of reasons of why joining the Empire will be the best decision of your life.

  • Belong to something bigger than yourself.
  • We’re united and we’re a community. Small or large, we’re a family.
  • Find the keys to wealth, prosperity and happiness.
  • Worried about censorship? Don’t be because we have some solutions we’ll share with members.
  • Raise in status as you get involved, the more you do the more you’ll be rewarded.
  • We’re a meritocracy. Talent, ability and dedication matters, not social status, wealth or class.
  • We’re global, so you’re not limited by your geographic limitation.
  • We have our own culture and language in development.
  • We’ll be messing around with cutting edge technology and highly advanced social concepts.
  • We’re anti-trump, so join us to protest injustice and resist hate.
  • You get rewarded for helping us grow. The more people we have, the better it’s for all of us.
  • Unique programs will be set up to help you succeed in your life.
  • Access to the truth and members only information.
  • Learn to use leverage by doing things here.
  • Get access to cutting edge techniques for social change and growth.
  • Gain power and authority not only over your own life but also over the system.
  • Earn cool titles of Nobility and Royalty.
  • Crowd-source and see your ideas in action.
  • Meet tons of cool people.
  • Be at the forefront of some really awesome things.
  • Learn what’s coming in the future and how to be ready for it.
  • Do awesome and cool things.
  • Help shape the future for all of humanity.

More will be added here as it goes up or gets put into the planning stages. It may take a while to get things like the members section up and running, but some things will be available right away. Some of the larger rewards that I can’t even speak about right now because they’re based on trade secrets. They’re guaranteed to blow your mind though as we have access to information that’s beyond the advancement level of traditional Human society. I’m talking stuff that not even Secret Societies and the Elites know. In fact we know secret and hidden things about them and they know that we’re about to make our debut. All of that though will only be for members as well.

The Hanian Empire is one of those things where the sky is the limit so I won’t hype about it anymore and just let you get involved and see for yourself.

There are no membership fees, your only cost is dedication and loyalty.

We believe in Live and Let Live, so there are no hidden agendas either.

So join today and see where your future lies a few years from now!

To join simply follow us on Twitter (HanianEmpire) and Like or Retweet our pinned Tweet.

Author Bio

HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.