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Welcome to the Hanian Earth Empire.

What we are?
Part social project and part innovative design; the Hanian Earth Empire is something new.

We can Haz Empire? Our Flag, it’s easy to make and symbolic of our Global Earth Empire.

An inspired Kingdom created from scratch to feature a unique and vibrant culture and language. We call out bad leaders and seek to be on the fore-front of the Anti – Trump Resistance; protesting injustice and unifying the same. Through an interactive reality based experience and creative projects it will serve to make an impact in the world through innovative means. Globally unifying, it has a modern exotic feel which helps us advance as well as promote freedom and change. Part of this is done in a playful and fun manner, involving some role playing as well as trying out of the box techniques to achieve our goals.

Global Kingdom

A Global Kingdom For All, with a unique conlang!

Register, talk and engage other members at our forum: EmpireTalk

Anti Trump:

Yes, we’re anti – trump. Through and through. You can’t be Hanian and stand for someone as corrupt and dangerous as our current unauthorized POTUS. Sorry to be blunt on that.  If you aren’t down with that, then it’s likely you wouldn’t be down with anything else that’s Hanian. You can keep moving along now, cause there is nothing to see here for you.

This means while we weren’t originally intending on being on the fore-front of the fight for justice so early in our existence the situation has called for it. As such we’re not only active in the Resistance, but are working on unifying the same and protesting more effectively, all while seeing about making permanent positive change.

As Hanian we stand for unity and global oneness. For advancement of humanity, not falling back into the old stagnation of yesterday. This means things such as the Immigration Ban and talk of building walls between us and Mexico is just not going to work for us. Neither is threatening trade wars with China. Nope. Not happening. We utilize global leverage to succeed with our projects and being isolationist just isn’t going to work for that either.

We’re pretty creative and stubborn as a group, even though there are just a few of us so far. As such you can look to more resistance to the current state of affairs, Hanian style. Yeah, we’ll trump his hate and you can be involved. Just get your Empire Citizenship and participate. Our Activism section is coming soon. (For now see :

Global Problems need Global Solutions:

The system isn’t working, globally. There are serious problems with how things are done and how people view each other and life.

Our problems include the following:

  • Ignorance and lack of education.
  • Poverty and Greed. Hopelessness. Needless suffering.
  • Lack of infrastructure.
  • Hate and indifference. Not caring about one another.
  • Lack of freedom and opportunity.
  • Horrible leaders, such as Trump.
  • Campaigns and useless politics. Wrong priorities.

The problems are global which means we need to embrace a global solution. It also means we have to work together. I invite you personally to get involved and join the Empire because there are solutions to these problems. It mostly involves changing how we view certain things and our perception of the world around us. Implementing a new and better way of doing stuff via unique techniques will address issues and solve them once and for all. Having fun with it will help us roll up our sleeves and get it done, even if it may take some time to achieve.

Freedom and equal opportunities for all people.

We believe in many things; here are some of them:

passport Freedom and Opportunity for all: No artificial roadblocks. All have rights to have access to basic necessities. Leadership is by action and getting things done. The world is yours and we’ll help make it so for everyone.

colors-157474_640Live and Let Live: Natural and universal basis for all Life. Freedom to choose your own way. Respect freedom, respect one another. Nothing works without this basic right and base law.

earth1 Global Unity: Human 1rst means a better life; we share earth. No more war, human against human. Global Problems get addressed, together for the good of all. Globalization is seen as increased opportunity not a loss or something to be feared; in fact we leverage the world for us!

crown-312077_640 Personal and Family Sovereignty: You choose everything as you are the King or Queen of your own destiny! It’s your family, thus you are the Authority. Your Neighborhood, you live there that means you help decide things there. Earth is your planet so you have certain things guaranteed to you!

scrapbooking-1302233_640Fair System: Anyone can join, all can progress. What you do guides your progression and reward. It’s fair and equal. We’ll have some fun with it too, in regards to honoring leaders and encouraging each other along the way.

phoenix-1301889_640Sharing work as well as success:  All help and get rewarded for it! A little effort can make a big difference. Through crowd – sourcing we can compound our results. Keeping focus on what each of us wants to do leads to more activity boosting our results. Since stuff is tailored to you we achieve more with relatively few people.

notebook_boy Techniques: Ingenuity and resourcefulness solves problems. Leveraging each other and our world we get things done. Using games and fun motivate people to get involved more; here simple social actions can change the world. I mean where else can you claim territories and become an Overlord? Or experience what it’s like to be chosen by ET’s for First Contact…

computer-1331578_640Human Advancement: If we advance we’ll being an end to needless suffering. Not only social advancement but also technological progress. In the meantime we’ll do things much smoother than others – cutting red tape and eliminating waste along the way.

GLRrata Culture: New Vibrant Culture and Language. One by one we come out of the old and create the new. While some of it already exists you can help refine what we have and even create whole new traditions in our vibrant culture.

earth-661447_640Success is Attainable: Money, social standing, race, gender and national origin should never decide success or failure. Anyone can gain leadership positions as long as they are willing to put forth the effort. All do equal amount of work to gain position just as there are multiple ways to get rewarded.

 letter1  Start a conversation or find out how to get involved.   

               Twitter : @HanianEmpire

To be active you can already follow our HanianNet twitter, we’re not really fully rolling yet but there has already been some activity. Of course anyone can feel free to register to our site to participate in discussions on the forums. Interactions anywhere can lead to questions being asked or things that can be discussed which can also get you started.

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